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About This Site

Inter-State Nurseries has all the roses, bulbs, perennials and ornamentals to make your yard and garden more beautiful. Each year new and exciting varieties and values are added to tried and true favorites. You always get low prices and a great selection.

Our company is a retail operation that sells only to the end customer. We do not sell wholesale and, our guarantee does not cover products that are intended for resale. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale, please contact us to make arrangements and to inquire about special terms and conditions for wholesale orders.


Inter-State Nurseries owns http://www.interstatenurseries.com the domain. The content including photographs, product descriptions, and artwork are the property of Inter-State Nurseries, all rights reserved. All HTML, CGI and other code residing on http://www.interstatenurseries.com or www.ComeToBuy.com is the sole property of ComeToBuy Inc., all rights reserved. The content and code is protected by copyright. Except as set forth above, you may not copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, re-publish, display for redistribution to third parties or commercial purposes, or otherwise distribute any code or content from this site without the prior written agreement of Inter-State Nurseries or ComeToBuy Inc.

You may not use any of the content or code from http://www.interstatenurseries.com or www.ComeToBuy.com for any purpose other than those set forth above. All names, logos, and trademarks, which appear on these sites, are the property of their owner or are used under license. You may not use any of the foregoing for any purpose without prior express written consent. Your failure to comply with this Legal Statement will constitute breach of contract and will violate copyright, trademark and other proprietary property rights. You may print in hard copy portions of this web site with the sole intent of placing an order or for keeping site location. The use of any such material for any other reason, on any other web site, or the modification, distribution or replication of this material without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

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Use of Information Submitted by You

If you respond to http://www.interstatenurseries.com with any information, including but not limited to feedback, data, questions, comments, suggestions, such information shall not be deemed confidential. All such submissions shall be deemed the property of http://www.interstatenurseries.com, and your submission of information shall constitute an assignment to http://www.interstatenurseries.com of all worldwide rights.

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In no event shall Inter-State Nurseries or ComeToBuy Inc. be liable for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages of whatever kind resulting from whatever cause, including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profits, loss of data, or any other type of damage, tangible or intangible in nature, whether in an action under theories of contract, tort or otherwise, arising out of or in any relating to the use of performance of the information on, or accessed through http://www.interstatenurseries.com or www.ComeToBuy.com.

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Online Security

Whenever you provide any personal information or payment information, we use SSL technology to make sure that it is "encrypted" so that no one else can read it while it is being transmitted over the internet. Credit card numbers are never displayed, emailed or distributed. Credit card numbers are removed from computers accessible by the Internet.

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Online Privacy

For each visitor to http://www.interstatenurseries.com or ComeToBuy.com, our web servers automatically recognize information regarding the visitor's domain name and e-mail address. Regardless of the purpose for which it is submitted, it is our policy to maintain all Personal Information as confidential, and to use such information for the following purposes:

  • For the specific purpose for which it was volunteered, such as purchase product, enter contests, or join mailing lists.
  • To track our visitor's use of the Site(s) for internal market research or other business purposes.
  • To notify our visitors of updates to the site(s).

We will not sell or share your email address. However, we may share your mailing address with carefully selected companies whose products may be of interest to you. At any time you may request that any such personal information, about you, be removed from our databases.

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Return Check Policy

All returned checks are subject to the state allowable service fee. Returned checks may be electronically debited for the full face value of the check and the state allowable service fee.

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Substitution Policy

Orders are filled by item number exactly as received. If a variety is sold out, we reserve the right to substitute one of equal or greater value. If you are not happy with the substituted item, simply return the original shipping label with a letter of complaint for shipment of the original item when available or a refund.

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Cancellation Policy

We can only guarantee cancellation of an order if it is requested the same day the order is placed. All other cancellation requests must come to us in writing. Once we have begun shipping for the season, it is difficult to cancel an order. We appreciate your understanding.

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How To Contact Us

Call our friendly and helpful customer service representatives, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm CST, and Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm CST at (309) 663-6797. Extended hours offered in the spring.

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For general information regarding ordering or order processing, please contact: If you do not receive a response within 2 business days, assume your mail was either not received or that your email address was returned to us as undeliverable. Check your email settings to verify your correct address and contact us again.

Sorry, we do not accept attachments. Please do not send an attachment with your email or we will not receive your message.

For technical problems you are experiencing using the website please contact our .

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Company Information

Inter-State Nurseries
1800 E. Hamilton Road
Bloomington, IL

(309) 663-6797


Sorry, we do not accept attachments. Please do not send an attachment with your email or we will not receive your message.

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