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Geranium, Mosquito Shoo

Item #1099
Pelargonium citrosum 'Van Leenii'

Plant Height: 2'
Ground Condition: potting soil
Hardiness Zone: Container Plant

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Geranium, Mosquito Shoo (Qty 1) $5.99
 Geranium, Mosquito Shoo (Qty 2) $11.49
 Geranium, Mosquito Shoo (Qty 4) $21.99
 Geranium, Mosquito Shoo (Qty 8) $39.99
Do you like to picnic but can't stand the mosquitoes? SEND TODAY for this amazing, Mosquito-repellent geranium! Mosquito Shoo Geranium is a richly-colored plant that grows up to 2' tall. One plant is said to repel mosquitoes for about 10 square feet. (We can't promise for sure). But we tested it by placing a few plants in a mosquito infested area and the mosquitoes sure did disappear in a hurry! The Mosquito Shoo Geranium releases the pleasant odor of oil of citronella. People enjoy the smell, but it drives mosquitoes wild. Hypoallergenic and EASY TO GROW. It thrives outdoors in summer time. Bring indoors in winter. Potted plants.
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