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Starfish Flower

Item #1621
Stapelia gigantea

Plant Height: 1-2'
Ground Condition: Potting soil
Spread: 1-2'
Hardiness Zone: Container Plant

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Starfish Flower (Qty 1) $6.50
 Starfish Flower (Qty 2) $12.79
This is a very attractive plant and a great curiosity to everyone who sees it. It has magnificent star-shaped flowers lightly lined with crimson and fringed with silky hairs. Blooms measure more than 13" across! A giant strain of the Stapelia, it comes from Africa and somewhat resembles a cactus, although it has no thorns. Easy to grow! Drench and dry and in cold months only water to keep blooms from shriveling. Once the Starfish Flower is established, fertilize once in the spring.
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