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Butterfly Plant

Item #2919

Plant Height:
Ground Condition:
Spread: 2'
Hardiness Zone: 3-10

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Description Price Qty
 Butterfly Plant (Qty 3) $6.99
 Butterfly Plant (Qty 6) $13.69
As if weather conditions and pesticides weren’t enough, Monarch butterflies are also contending with a huge loss in their only host plant food source – milkweed, also known as Butterfly plant.  Milkweed is in short supply, and the Monarch butterflies numbers have drastically reduced in just a few short years as a result.  Butterflies are important pollinators for the garden and milkweed is a highly sought source of nectar for many kinds of butterflies including monarchs, swallowtails and painted ladies.  If you want butterflies in your garden, Milkweed should be the first item on your must have list.   Butterfly plants also attract hummingbirds, ladybugs and pollinating bees.  You have the power to make a difference!  Plant as many butterfly plants as possible to help out our flying friends.  You’ll also love Butterfly Plants in your garden.  They bloom continuously from June through August – a characteristic few perennials possess!  And they’ll come back year after year with virtually no work on your part.  They enjoy full sun and withstand long periods of summer drought.  Plant 2’ apart.  Zones 3-10.
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