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Elephant Ear, Thailand Giant

Item #3415
Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’

Plant Height: 9'
Ground Condition: dry
Hardiness Zone: 7-10

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Description Price Qty
 Elephant Ear, Thailand Giant (Qty 1) $12.49
 Elephant Ear, Thailand Giant (Qty 2) $22.99
 Elephant Ear, Thailand Giant (Qty 3) $29.99
Create your own private jungle with one monstrous plant! Gigantic variation of Elephant Ear reaches up to 9’ tall with leaves a whopping 5’ long by 4’ wide! Grows even larger in warmer zones and is much larger than C. gigantea. Produces fragrant, white, lily-like flowers each year. Good for container planting and for cut flower arrangements. Plant in full sun to partial shade where soil remains relatively dry (to prevent winter rot). Mulching may be needed in colder climates for extra insulation. Deer and rabbit resistant.
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