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Peony Tree Special

Item #4243

Plant Height: 48"
Ground Condition: Well Drained
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Peony Tree Special (Qty 1) $47.98
Tree Peony Special -
Includes: 1 each of Red and Pink.

More beautiful each year! Big double blooms up to 8" wide! - As many as 200 blooms per plant!We honestly believe these are the most beautiful plants ever to bloom in the garden. Fully double goblet-shaped flowers measure up to 8 inches wide! In April you'll see their buds shoot out. Folks will drive miles just for a glimpse of your garden. Live for generations, add beauty year round! Unlike ordinary peony varieties, these woody bushes do not die back to the ground in winter -- instead grow larger and more beautiful each year! The bush seldom grows higher than 4 feet; but spreads gracefully each succeeding year until it reaches as much as 5 feet across. Like the Giant Redwoods, they live for generations -- for a century or even more!
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