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Rose, Copper

Item #4634

Plant Height: 3-6'
Ground Condition: Well-drained, rich
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 10

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Rose, Copper
(Reg. $11.99) (Qty 1)
 Rose, Copper (Qty 3) $23.49
 Rose, Copper (Qty 6) $44.99
 Rose, Copper (Qty 9) $66.99
 Rose, Copper (Qty 12) $86.99

Color Special!

This beautiful, Copper Rose bears a famous name. Bought, by name, it would cost much more. As a friendship special we decided to offer this gorgeous rose by color only, so you can take advantage of real savings and enjoy this prize winning beauty in your yard.

Enjoy the beauty of roses in your garden this summer!

You will have beautiful, fragrant roses and LOTS OF THEM this summer and many summers to come. These plants are medium size, 2 year-old, field-grown plants. They are shipped to you trimmed for planting, with easy-to-follow planting instructions. You can grow roses in ordinary garden soil, in full sun or partial shade. Order these roses early. Plant them this spring and in 7-8 weeks you will be cutting lovely, dewy-fresh roses -- the same fragrant beauties that would cost you so much more if you ordered them by their prize-winning names.

This rose is also available in the Color Special Rose Collections.
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