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Rose, Peace

Item #4729

Plant Height: 3-4'
Ground Condition: Well drained
Spread: 3-4'
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 10

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 Rose, Peace
(Reg. $12.99) (Qty 1)
 Rose, Peace (Qty 2) $19.49
 Rose, Peace (Qty 3) $28.49
No rose collection could be complete without the most famous rose ever created: You'll thrill to its astonishing loveliness, with perfectly-formed blooms of lemon yellow, delicately kissed with rosy pink on the edge of each sculptured petal. As each fragrant flower unfurls to full magnificence, it gradually deepens in color, becoming cerise pink with a heart of ivory yellow. This changing kaleidoscope of colors adds to the intriguing beauty of the most popular rose of the century. Vigorous plants with handsome, glossy foliage bear generous quantities of these incredible blooms.
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