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Daylily, Royal Red

Item #5002

Plant Height: 2'
Ground Condition: Any
Spread: 2'
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

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 Daylily, Royal Red
(Reg. $3.99) (Qty 1)
 Daylily, Royal Red
(Reg. $7.78) (Qty 2)
 Daylily, Royal Red
(Reg. $14.98) (Qty 4)
Daylilies are valued for their easy care, prolific flowering ability and long bloom period. They do well in any soil and location, from full sun to fairly deep shade. Bloom from June to September. Zones 3-9.

This Royal Red daylily has slightly frilled edges on a blossom of great body. This blooms a true, bright red that has plum-wine overtones and a small, soft golden center. Very velvety petals form a blossom over 5" wide. Excellent form and extremely productive
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