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Daylily, Lavender

Item #5719

Plant Height:
Ground Condition: any
Hardiness Zone: 3-9

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Description Price Qty
 Daylily, Lavender
(Reg. $3.99) (Qty 1)
 Daylily, Lavender
(Reg. $7.78) (Qty 2)
 Daylily, Lavender
(Reg. $14.98) (Qty 4)
One of the most popular garden flowers, daylilies are valued for their easy care, prolific flowering ability and long bloom period. By planting a mix of colors of these exuberant daylilies, you can enjoy a full season of spectacular color. They do well in any soil and location, from full sun to fairly deep shade. Bloom from June-Septemer. Zones 3-9. Lavender daylily has soft pastel lavender blooms.
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