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Iris, Giant Bearded

Item #5720

Plant Height: 3'
Ground Condition: Well Drained
Hardiness Zone: All

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Description Price Qty
 Iris, Giant Bearded
(Reg. $49.99) (Qty 6)
 Iris, Giant Bearded
(Reg. $96.63) (Qty 12)
 Iris, Giant Bearded
(Reg. $133.30) (Qty 18)
Make a perfect floral border. Giant Bearded Irises can be used as foundation plantings and along walks, drives and fences. You'll be delighted with the brilliant color display enhanced by attractive sword like foliage. They thrive in every section of the U.S, and can take extreme heat or cold along with almost any type of soil. (These do best in good, well-drained soil.) Grow 2-3 feet tall. Giant Bearded Irises come in many brilliant colors - tangerine, butterscotch, pink, violet, red, orange, bronze, and cinnamon. All first choice hybrids. MIXED COLORS ONLY
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