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Grass, Blue Festuca

Item #5728
Festuca ovina glauca

Plant Height: 6-10"
Ground Condition:
Spread: 6"
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Grass, Blue Festuca (Qty 3) $4.99
 Grass, Blue Festuca (Qty 6) $9.49
 Grass, Blue Festuca (Qty 12) $17.99
 Grass, Blue Festuca (Qty 24) $33.99
A handsome and different ground cover. Grows in grassy, tuft-like clumps. 6-10" high. The spectacular, non-fading blue foliage and unique growing habits make this ideal for borders. Flower and rock gardens and small areas where you would like to draw special attention. Quite ornamental. Blue Festuca is a hardy, rapidly multiplying, year round ground cover. It does well in full sun and poor, fairly dry soil. Quite suitable for seashore planting -- it can take exposure to windblown sand and even salt spray. Plant 6" apart for tight clump pattern and then mulch tightly to eliminate weeds. Start new plants by division of clumps. Plant Blue Festuca for a real attention-getter in your lawn. Plant in full sun for best color. Drought resistant. For a rain garden.
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