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Golden Sundrops

Item #6566
Heliopsis helianthoides 'Summer Sun'

Plant Height: 3-4'
Ground Condition:
Spread: 1-2'
Hardiness Zone: 3-9

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 Golden Sundrops
(Reg. $5.99) (Qty 3)
 Golden Sundrops (Qty 6) $8.79
 Golden Sundrops (Qty 9) $12.99
Golden Sundrops are one of the grandest subjects you could choose to plant in your perennial garden. They'll bloom and bloom to your heart's content with dozens of 2-3 inch blooms in any reasonably good garden soil. It matters not if it's heavy, dry, light, acid or alkaline. PEST-FREE; DISEASE FREE; no spraying necessary! Golden Sundrops prefer full sun, but also grow in partial shade. You'll have blooms galore for garden beauty and bouquets too. Grow 36-48" tall. Sub-zero everywhere. Plant 12-24 inches apart. We recommend planting a mass display of at least 6 plants to add a permanent "burst of sunlight" to your garden. Extra grade, number one field grown plants. Blooms: summer to fall, Drought and deer resistant, attracts butterflies, great cut flower, for a rain garden.
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