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Poplar, Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4'

Item #6765
Populus deltoides x Populus nigra

Plant Height: 50-60'
Ground Condition: Any
Spread: 10
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Poplar, Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4'
(Reg. $17.99) (Qty 2)
 Poplar, Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4'
(Reg. $34.99) (Qty 4)
 Poplar, Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4'
(Reg. $84.94) (Qty 10)
 Poplar, Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4'
(Reg. $159.94) (Qty 20)
 Poplar, Screen Hybrid Tall 3-4'
(Reg. $299.99) (Qty 40)
Why wait 10-15 years for regular trees to shade your home? These beautifully shaped, majestic trees (Hybrid Poplar) will shade a 1-story house in just three years! It has a spread of 20-25' and will reach a mature height of 50-60' in only a few years. Hardy and rugged -- grows almost anywhere! The Hybrid Screen Poplar normally lives 30-50 years and is wind-resistant as well as insect and disease resistant. They thrive even in bitter cold Canadian climate. The results of 50 years of research by the U.S. Forest Service, they are used to reforest fire ravaged land quickly and to reclaim strip mines and land fills. Perfect for screening, too! It insures privacy between houses and serves as a windbreak or snow fence on farms. Plant 9' apart and they grow into a solid green living wall in about 3 years. The Hybrid Screen Poplar has a width of about 10' with denser branches than the shade variety. All trees shipped will be 3-4' tall. Salt and drought tolerant.
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