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Smoke Tree, Pink Mist

Item #6818
Cotinus coggygria

Plant Height: 15'
Ground Condition: Well drained
Spread: 15'
Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Smoke Tree, Pink Mist (Qty 1) $3.99
 Smoke Tree, Pink Mist (Qty 2) $7.49
 Smoke Tree, Pink Mist (Qty 3) $10.49
In July the beautiful Pink Mist Smoke Tree bursts forth with big clusters of light pink panicles resembling clouds of fluffy smoke so dense you can't see through them. The tree looks like one large, soft pink cloud resting on a tree trunk! And then in fall, the tree is ablaze with red, scarlet and orange foliage. Grows to 15 feet. The Pink Mist Smoke Tree is especially lovely when three are planted together. You receive choice, hand-selected 1 1/2-3' trees.
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