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Asparagus, Jersey Knight

Item #7307

Plant Height:
Ground Condition: Alkaline
Hardiness Zone: 3-10

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
 Asparagus, Jersey Knight (Qty 5) $4.99
 Asparagus, Jersey Knight (Qty 10) $9.79
 Asparagus, Jersey Knight (Qty 15) $14.49
 Asparagus, Jersey Knight (Qty 20) $18.99
 Asparagus, Jersey Knight (Qty 40) $36.99
Master gardeners have been known to pull the female plants from their asparagus patch (those producing red berries). This left the bigger more succulent male plants. Now plant hybridizers have developed Jersey Knight Asparagus, a variety that grows predominantly male plants. The stalks are much larger -- up to 4" around. They yield 3-4 times more top quality asparagus than any other varieties. These hybrid perennial plants are vigorous growers and highly disease resistant. Grow in poor, salty or alkaline soil. Jersey Knight Asparagus is hardy even in sub zero weather. And they cost no more than ordinary asparagus roots. You can grow bigger more flavorful asparagus spears in 1/3 to 1/4 less space.

We send 1 year old, first quality plants. Limited supply.
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