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Angel Trumpet, Pink

Item #7360

Plant Height: 6-8'
Ground Condition: well drained
Hardiness Zone: 8-11

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Description Price Qty
 Angel Trumpet, Pink (Qty 1) $5.50
 Angel Trumpet, Pink (Qty 2) $10.49
 Angel Trumpet, Pink (Qty 4) $19.99
Angel's Trumpets are one of Mother Nature's most breathtaking plants. You can almost watch them grow as they rapidly form three-foot tall bushes. Then the real show begins. Each plant can have dozens, even hundreds, of blossoms at once. Best of all, they continue blooming all the way through frost! The Pink Angel Trumpet variety has extremely large single blossoms that measure up to twenty inches long.

Grows 6-8 feet tall!

Extremely fragrant, especially in the evening. Angel's Trumpets are excellent container plants that make an impressive display for your deck or patio. These tropical beauties thrive in bright sunlight during the dog days of summer; just make sure to give them plenty of water. Can be brought indoors in the north for use as a houseplant. Hardy in zones 9-11. Blooms from summer to frost, shipped potted, fragrant.
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