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Green Giant Thuja

Item #7948

Plant Height: 60'
Ground Condition: well drained
Spread: 12-20'
Hardiness Zone: 5-8

Ordering Information

Description Price Qty
  Green Giant Thuja (Qty 1) $5.99
  Green Giant Thuja (Qty 2) $11.79
  Green Giant Thuja (Qty 4) $22.99
  Green Giant Thuja (Qty 8) $43.99
  Green Giant Thuja (Qty 16) $84.99

* Grows over 3' per year!
* Grows to 60' tall!
* Rich green color all year round!
* Beautiful as a specimen tree or as a windbreak!
* Adaptable to all soil types from sandy to clay conditions!

One of the highest quality evergreens available! Green Giant Thuja was introduced to the gardening public by the U.S. National Arboretum. And what an introduction! This outstanding variety is a vigorous grower often growing over 3' per year. Very adaptable trees grow in almost any soil conditions whether you have sandy loam or heavy clay.

Extremely uniform pyramidal shape!

Trees are extremely uniform in pyramidal shape and require no trimming. Green Giant Thuja is very tolerant to pests, diseases and drought. Eventually reaches a height of 60' tall with a base measuring between 12 and 20 feet. This tree is beautiful when grown as a specimen tree or as an evergreen windbreak. Plant 5-6' apart for a really fast privacy screen, otherwise plant 10-12' apart. Green Giant Thuja can be trimmed to any height and width. Prefers full to partial sun. Deer resistant, drought resistant and evergreen. Supplies are limited so make sure to order yours early! Shipped bareroot.

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